Stela of Taperet

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This stuccoed and painted wood stela from the Third Intermediate Period shows the Mistress of the House, Taperet, raising her hands in adoration before Ra-Heru-Akhety.  The solar disk on His head illuminates her face with Its rays, depicted as multi-colored lily flowers.  Her festive unguent cone sits upon a bunch of grass, a symbol of rebirth, on her head. 

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Reading in retrograde, from left to right, top to bottom:


di.f prt xrw t Hnqt

xt nb(wt) wab(wt) nfr(wt) xt nb(wt)

nDm(wt)  rwd(wt)  (n) Wsir

nbt pr tA-prt

Ra-Heru-Akhety: may there be given an invocation offering of bread, beer, every pure and good thing , every sweet and enduring thing, to the Wesir, the Lady of the House, Taperet.

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