Stela of Djed-amun-iu-(es)-ankh

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Djed-amun-iu-(es)-ankh, whose name means "Amun has said she should live," dressed in a diaphanous gown and wearing a festive unguent cone on her head, raises her hands in adoration before Ra-Heru-Akhety.  He holds the was-scepter in one hand and the symbol of life, the ankh, in the other.  A table of offerings set before Him is piled high with offerings of food and lotus flowers. Two tall vessels, perched on three-legged stands, and lettuces with floral wreaths, stand beneath the table. The five columns of the retrograde hieroglyphic offering formula are written above the table.  The scene below, showing the pink cliffs in which the tombs are cut, is interesting in its depicture of the chapel with its pyramidion and staircase. A woman mourning the loss of her loved ones sits nearby, while behind her the sycamore and date palms represent the garden where the Ba of the deceased will find shade and nourishment.  An offering table is set up there with bread and a basin nearby with water. We also see a crow perched on one of the date palms, pecking at the fruit.


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Written in retrograde, reading from left to right, top to bottom:

Htp di nsw (n) Wsir di

sHtp DfA(w) (n) nb(t) pr

Dd-Imn-iw-(es)-anx mAat-xrw.. (sAt)?

mry-nTr Hry Hmwt pr Imn

Dd-DHwty-iw-anx mAa-xrw

An offering which the King gives to Wesir that He cause the providing of provisions to the Lady of the House Djed-Amun-iu-(es)-ankh, justified, ... beloved of Netjer, Chief of the Craftsmen in the Temple of Amun, Djed-Djehuty-iu-ankh, justified.


  P. Munro: Die spätagyptischen Totenstelen, Glückstadt 1973, p.7.

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