Translation of Stela of Djed-khonsu-iues-ankh

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The priest-musician, the harpist Djed-khonsu-ius-ankh kneels while he plays and sings before Ra-Heru-Akhety.  The inscription in hieroglyphs contains the first verse of a hymn, presented as a musical offering.

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Reading from left to right, top to bottom:

First column (caption accompanying the image of Ra): Dd in Ra-Hr-Axty nTr aA nb pt

Words spoken by Ra-Heru-Akhety, the Great God, Lord of Heaven.

Words of the song of the Harper (columns 2-6):

dwAt Ra m wbn.f

in Hst BHdt n Imn xnty tAwy

Hry-ib Wst Dd-xnsw-iw-es-anx

mAa-xrw mAa-xrw xr skr-

Wsir di.f Htpwt DfAw

Adoring Ra as He rises, by the praises of Edfu to Amun, Foremost of the Two lands, who resides in Thebes, Djed-khonsu-iues-ankh, justified, justified before Sokar-Wesir, that He may give offerings of provisions.

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