Translation of Stela of Iri-ka-Ra

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Beneath the arched blue hieroglyph for "heaven" is the winged solar disk of Heru-Behdety.  Ra-Heru-Akhety is seated on a throne, holding the flail and heka-scepter, and the deceased Lady of the House Iri-ka-ra stands before Him, hands raised in adoration. A table of offerings with bread, fowl, and other foods is set up before Him.

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Written in retrograde, reading from left to right, top to bottom:

Dd in Ra-Hr-axty Hry nTrw

di.f Htpt DfAw n Wsir nb(t) pr iri

-kA-Ra mAa-xrw sAt n(yt) Hm-nTr Imn Hr-sA-Ast

mAa-xrw sAt n(yt) mi-Dt-mry-xnsw mAa-xrw...

...nxt n(y) pr-Imn sr

DHwty sA n(y) Hr

Words spoken by Ra-Heru-Akhety, who has authority over the Gods, that He may give offerings of provisions to the Wesir, the Lady of the House, Iri-ka-ra, justified, daughter of the Hem-Netjer priest of Amun, Her-sa-aset, justified, daughter of Mi-djet-mery-khonsu, justified, ... in the Temple of Amun, the nobleman Djehuty son of Heru.

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