Translation of the Stela of Djed-khonsu-es-ankh

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Djed-Khonsu-es-ankh is shown pouring a libation over a table filled with food offerings, raising her other hand in "henu," the praise gesture, for Ra-Heru-Akhety, seated on a throne.  She wears a transparent pleated gown and a a lotus blossom and cone of perfumed wax on her head.  The text contains the "hetep di nisu" prayer ("An offering which the King gives...."), that she may be supplied with food and drink for her use in the Afterlife.

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Reading from the left column, top to bottom:

Htp di nsw Ra-Hr-Axty nTr Aa nb pt

di.f prt xrw Htpt aqw n Wsir

nb(t) pr Spst Dd-xnsw-

is-anx mAa(t)-xrw

sAt Hm-nTr n(y) aImn-Ra

nsw nTrw Hry sStA n(y) mnxt n(ywt)

Sps(yw) n(yw) nTrw


An offering which the King gives to Ra-Heru-Akhety, the Great God, Lord of Heaven, that He may give Invocation Offerings consisting of offerings and food to the Wesir, the Lady of the House, the noblewoman, Djed-Khonsu-es-ankh, justified, daughter of the priest of Amen-Ra, King of the Gods, Master of the Secrets of the Garments of the Noble Ones of the Gods, Ser-Djehuty.

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