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Het-Hert became the patroness of Egyptian expeditions to foreign countries for precious metals and stones.  In the harsh climate of the Sinai desert, She would come in dreams to the miners, telling them where to dig.  Stelae have been found written by the leaders of these expeditions, thanking Het-Hert for helping their work to succeed.  As a result, some of her titles are "Mistress of the Turquoise," "Mistress of the Lapis Lazuli," and "Mistress of the Malachite Country."

Photo courtesy of David Q. Hall

Temple of Het-Hert at Timna


Photo courtesy of David Q. Hall

Head of Het-Hert (?) from Timna, in the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv


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Photos courtesty of David Q. Hall: Temple of Het-Hert at Timna and head of Het-Hert from Timna in the Eretz Museum in Tel Aviv


Bleeker, C.J., Hathor and Thoth: Two Key Figures of Ancient Egyptian Religion, pp. 73-74.


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