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The birth of the Netjert (goddess) of Love is described in the texts of the Temple of Dendera as follows:

"Ra opened his eyes in the interior of the lotus at the moment in which he came forth from the Nun.  Fluid oozed from his eyes and fell on the earth.   It transformed itself into a beautiful woman, to whom the name 'The Gold of the Gods' was given, Hathor the Great, Mistress of Dendera"(1)

Below is the transliteration of the hieroglyphs of this passage.   If you do not see the diacritical marks in the text below, please go to this link and download the transliteration font:  http://www.ccer.ggl.ruu.nl/CCER/FTP.HTML  

wn Ra irty.f(y) m-Xnw nxb m tr n pr.f m nww xpr xt m irty.f(y) hy.sn Hr tA qmA(w).sn m sts nfrt dm.tw rn.s r nwbt nTrw Ht-Hr wrt nbt iwnt

(1)  Preys, René, "Hathor met de vele gesichten: Portret van een godin," De Scriba 3 (1994), p. 2. Translation from the Dutch by Neferuhethert


Image of Het-Hert from the Luxor Museum by Daniel Loeillet, restored in Photoshop.
Transliteration from Sylvie Cauville: "Les Inscriptions Dédicatoires de Dendera," in Bullétin de l'Institute Français d'Archéologie Orientale, Tome 90 (1990)

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