When my son David was in the 6th grade, his social studies class focused on Ancient Egypt as part of their curriculum.  For a school project, we decided to make real paper from some of the papyrus growing on my patio.  We started growing the papyrus in May, and by late summer, the stalks were large enough to use for this project.  Here is the step-by-step process that we used, photographed by David:

There were several stalks that were broken in a recent wind-storm, so we decided to cut those.

Papyrus2.jpg (45058 bytes)

The widest part of the stalk, which makes the best paper, is closest to the root, so we tied to cut as far down as possible.

Papyrus3.jpg (46262 bytes)

Removing one of the papyrus stalks.

Papyrus7.jpg (29551 bytes)

This was a particularly large stalk, with very good, dense fiber inside.

Papyrus4.jpg (29105 bytes)

The next step was peeling off the rind, the outer green layer of the papyrus.

Papyrus5.jpg (35760 bytes)

After removing the outer layer, the stalk was sliced into thin strips.

Papyrus8.jpg (33298 bytes)

We laid out the stips lengthwise and crosswise on a wooden board, putting them together closely so there would not be any gaps in the paper.

Papyrus9.jpg (44069 bytes)

We put newspaper over the sheet of papyrus to absorb moisture, and then we tried using heavy books on top.

Papyrus10.jpg (34836 bytes)

The books did not work very well, because they were not heavy enough to press out enough moisture, so we decided to use C-clamps instead.

Papyrus11.jpg (40900 bytes)

David and I each made one piece of papyrus paper in this manner.

Papyrus13.jpg (22828 bytes)

Here's David's finished piece of paper.  Nekhtet!   ("Victory!" or "Yay!" in Kemetic)

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