Translation of Stela of Nes-khonsu-pa-chered

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The symbol for sky, "pet," fits the curve of the arch of this stela and rests on the symbols for east (on the left) and west (on the right).  Below the winged solar disk of Heru-Behdety sits Ra-Heru-Akhety-Atum, "The Lord of the Two Lands and of Heliopolis."  He holds the flail and the heka-scepter.  The deceased stands with hands raised in adoration, wearing a festive scented cone of wax on her head.  Beneath the text is a scene representing the mountainous region of the Theban necropolis, her tomb, and the funerary garden surrounding it, complete with palms and persea plants. 

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The text, written in retrograde, reads:

Htp di nsw Ra-Hr-Axty-itmw nb tAwy iwnw di.f

DfAw dit tA Hnkt Ss mnxt kA Apd (n) kA n(y)

Wsir nbt pr Spst n Imn ns-xnsw-pA-Xrd

mwt.s tA wn-aAwy-(n)-pt (?) pr Imn Hmt-nTr

pA-rw (?) mAa(t)-xrw

An offering which the King gives to Ra-Heru-akhety-Atum, Lord of the Two Lands and Heliopolis, that He might give provisions, to give bread and beer, alabaster and linen, meat and fowl to the Ka of the Wesir, the Lady of the House, the noblewoman of Amun, Nes-khonsu-pa-chered, whose mother is the Opener of the Doors of Heaven(?) of the Temple of Amun, the Hemet-Netjer Pa-ru (?), justified.

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