The small temple of Het-Hert built by Ramesses II is located in Memphis outside the Ptah complex at its southernmost corner.  This area is now called Kom el-Rabi'a and unfortunately, there is not much remaining.

TempleofHetHertatMennefer.jpg (38499 bytes)

The remains of the Temple of Het-Hert at Memphis (Men-nefer)
Photograph courtesy of James Whitfield

During the Old Kingdom Het-Hert at Memphis was identified with the tree-goddess, and her title there was "Mistress of the Southern Sycamore."   In the ancient language of Egypt, this is nbt nht rst ("nebet nehet reset").

Het-Hert capital (Memphis).jpg (19857 bytes)

Het-Hert capital from remains of the Temple of Ptah at Memphis,
from Freed's Ramses II: The Great Pharaoh and His Time



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