Kemetic Religion

The House of Netjer -  A contemporary temple practicing the religion of Kemet as a living faith

The Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple  -  Information about Sekhmet, Kemetic medicine, a festival calendar, beautiful artwork, and many excellent links

The Domain of Bast - The best website on Bast on the internet, with a wonderfully written daily journal

Kemetic Kids - A website especially for Kemetic Orthodox kids and their families, with sections for artwork, holidays, and reviews of Kemetic-themed books and movies

Books about Kemet

The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - The most comprehesive list of books on Kemet on the web

Recommended reading list on Egyptian religion, culture and philosophy - Compiled by Her Holiness the Nisut (AUS) of the House of Netjer

Recommended reading on the Ancient Near East - Compiled by Chuck Jones of the Oriental Institute Research Archives

Ancient Egyptian Language Resources

Egyptologists' Electronic Forum - A membership-wide e-mail List on the culture and civilization of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Language List - Forum for the discussion of the Ancient Egyptian language and texts

CCER - Center for Computer Aided Egyptological Research - has downloadable demo-version of a hieroglyphic text processor, and a full version (with an extended library) that can be ordered

Manual de Codage - Standard system for transliterating and encoding Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts

Learning Ancient Egyptian - Website with lessons and exercises to learn the Ancient Egyptian language

Hieroglyphs by Mail  -  Course for home-study from the Oriental Institute of Chicago

Prosopographica Aegypti - Comprehensive list of proper names in the Ancient Egyptian language

Museums with Egyptian Collections

Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus - A list of every museum or institution in the world with an Egyptian collection, plus data for classifying objects

Oriental Institute Museum - A virtual tour of the museum, a gift shop, and information about programs and classes

The Louvre Museum in Paris - Click under *Collections* and the *Egyptian Antiquities* for a thematic presentation of the Egyptian Collection

Luxor Museum - Statuary and Exhibits, including statues discovered in 1989 (see large statue of Het-Hert)

Cleveland Museum of Art - Highlights from their Egyptian collection (also see their Loans from the Louvre)

Brooklyn Museum - Highlights from their Egyptian collection

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Highlights from their Egyptian Art Collection
Egyptian Art at Eton College: Selections from the Myers Museum
Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids - Thematic tour through the Metropolitan Museum's exhibit
The Temple of Dendur - Display at Metropolitan Museum of Art of actual temple relocated from Nubia

British Museum - "Cracking the Code" Exhibit on Hieroglyphs

Cairo - Egyptian Museum

Phoebe Hearst Museum of Anthropology - Museum in Berkeley with an Egyptian collection

The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan - Text and images from both permanent and past exhibits
Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt - Exhibit with text and and many interesting artifacts from the Kelsey Museum

Tools for Research

Online Translator - Translates foreign language websites or typewritten text

Advanced Book Exchange - Excellent online book searches

Library servers on the WWW - Search for books at libraries all over the world

Replica Workshop - Reproductions of antiquities from a department of the Staatliche Museen in Berlin

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