Khentka, Priestess of Het-Hert

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Khentka and her son Rudju

Khentka lived during the middle of the 5th Dynasty, around 2400 BCE.   Her titles included Royal Confident, "The First One of Vigour" and Priestess of Het-Hert and Nit.  This statue of her and her son Rudju is from the mastaba tomb of her husband Nisutnefer at Giza.  The mastaba was a type of tomb typical of the late predynastic period and the Old Kingdom, consisting of a rectangular brick chapel for the funerary cult, with the actual burial chambers placed at the end of a long corridor or deep shaft.  Within the chapel was a false door with inscriptions commemorating the deceased, along with a serdab, a small chamber in the mastaba with a slit in the wall at eye-level.  Khentka's statue was placed in a serdab in her husband's mastaba, so that her blessed spirit could witness the prayers and offerings made to her by her loved ones.  

Khentka and her husband Nisutnefer had a total of eight sons and nine daughters.  Nisutnefer was one of the highest officials of his time, serving as regional administrator, commander of the fortress, overseer of the palace, and priest of Khafre. He was also chief administrator and overseer of priests serving the pyramid complex of King Khafre.


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