Inet-kas, Priestess of Het-Hert

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Inet-kaes and five of her daughters

Inet-kaes was a priestess of Het-Hert and Nit during the late 5th-early 6th Dynasty.  She probably lived in the Memphis region, serving both Het-Hert and Nit at Their centers of worship in this capital of the Old Kingdom.  In this limestone relief she is shown with five of her daughters, their names written in glyphs in front of them:  Henutsen, Niankhbastet, Nikauhathor and Niankhhathor.  The youngest daughter, holding onto her mother's leg, is Neferpesez, shown naked with the side-lock of youth.  This relief probably came from a large family tomb in one of the cemeteries of Memphis which are located south of Giza.


Reference for Image

Limestone with traces of plaster, probably from Giza, Old Kingdom, now in the Fitzwilliam Museum, in Elena Vassilika's Egyptian Art, p. 7


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