The Great Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Het-Hert


As we walk towards the Great Hypostyle Hall, also called the Pronaos, we see the six beautifully carved Hathor-headed sistrum columns and an immense cornice above. The doorman has opened the great doors for us and we may enter into the hall. Once inside, we see a forest of eighteen columns similar to those of the facade. The walls and screens between the front columns of the facade are decorated with reliefs of the pharoah leaving the palace to enter the temple, being purified, being crowned, marking the limits of the temple with boundary stelae, and presenting offerings to Het-Hert, Her consort Heru (Horus of Edfu) and Their son Heru-the-Uniter. Because this is the dwelling place of God and not a place of public worship, only purified priests may continue into the inner chambers of the temple, and only those of the highest rank, or Pharoah Himself, are allowed into the Sanctuary. One of the priests will take our offerings and we may also offer our prayers to Her in this hall.


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