Donations to the Temple of Per Het-Hert


If you would like to donate to the Virtual Temple of Het-Hert, please contact the Virtual Temple and we will see that your donation is offered to the Golden One and placed here on display. 


hathor_animation1x1.gif (65578 bytes)

This beautiful image of The Golden One was donated by Sydney Longfellow. Dua-Netjer en-etj, Sydney! (Thank Netjer for you!)

Hathor by DH1.jpg (84619 bytes)

This beautiful original drawing of Het-Hert was donated by D*H.   Dua-Netjer en-etj, D*H!

pectoral.jpg (9901 bytes)

This beautiful pectoral was donated to the Golden One by Meryamun. Dua-Netjer en-etj, Meryamun!

Spiegel Museum Berlin.jpg (26687 bytes)

This lovely mirror was donated to Het-Hert by Petyu.  May the Beautiful One find it to Her liking.  Dua-Netjer en-etj, Petyu!