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Atfih (Aphroditopolis)
Abu Simbel
el-Ashmunein (Hermopolis Magna, Khnum)
Beni Hasan
Busiris (Abusir)
Byblos (Gubla, Jebeil)
Deir el-Bahari
Deir el-Medina
Dendera (Iunet, Tentyris)
Edfu (Apollinopolis Magna, Djeba, Mesen)
El-Kab (Nekheb)
Gebelein (Per-Hathor)
Heliopolis (Iunu)
Hiw (Hut-sekhem, Diospolis Parva)
Ihnasya el-Medina (Herakleopolis Magna)
Imet (Nebesha?)
Kom Abu Billo (Terenuthis)
Kom el-Hisn (Imu, Momemphis)
Kom Ombo
Medjden (near Assiut)
Medjed (Deir Durunka)
Memphis (Men-nefer)
Lower Nubia (Wawat)
Qis (Cusae)
The Red Mountain
Rohesa (near Latopolis)
Serabit el-Kadim (Sinai)
el-Sirria (Axwj)
Ta-Djeser (The Land of God)
Thebes (Waset)
Tihna el-Gebel (Tehne, Akoris)
Upper Nubia (at Kalabsha)



HetHert standard bearer.jpg (26982 bytes)

Standard-bearer of Het-Hert during the 18th Dynasty






Reference for image

Standard-bearer of Het-Hert from Dynasty 18, from the Karnak cachette of Thebes, now in the Cairo Museum, in Edna R. Russmann's Egyptiain Sculpture: Cairo and Luxor, p. 143.  The statue was repaired and re-inscribed by the high priest of Amun, Shoshenq, later King Shoshenq II of the 22nd dynasty, who had the figures of Amun and Wesir cut on the chest and kilt.


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Schafik, Allam, Beiträge zum Hathorkult (bis zum Ende des Mittleren Reiches)

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