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The sky and the stars make music to You.
The sun and the moon praise You.
The Gods exalt You.
The Goddesses sing to You.

The Temple of Dendera, Ptolemaic Period
adapted from Miriam Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, vol. III


Welcome in peace to the domain of Het-Hert (Hathor), the goddess who personifies Beauty, Love, and Motherhood.  She is one of the most beloved deities of all of Kemet (Egypt), having been worshipped since at least the beginning of its recorded history, and her temples and shrines, some of which are still standing today, are among the loveliest in the world.

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Table of Contents

What's New

Pronunciation of her Name
Symbols and Manifestations
The Myths
The Titles of Het-Hert
Lady of the West
Mistress of Women and Childbirth
  Mistress of Music and Dance

   Centers of Worship
  Gallery of Images
  Hymns and Prayers 
  Priests and Priestesses of Het-Hert
Virtual Temple of Het-Hert
Connections with Other Goddesses

Other Kemetic Subjects
Wisdom Literature
Stelae Dedicated to Ra

Cool Stuff
Papyrus Making
Kemetic-Themed Architecture
Orientalist Paintings
Help the World

Recommended Reading
Kemetic Links
Site Map

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